Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ten Things I Know Will Not Help Me Be A Better Person

10. Ironing

9. Telling someone I like something that I really don't like at all. Just smile and change the subject.

8. Listening to talk show hosts who talk expertly about subjects they have no expertise on and then promote the idea to millions of others. Regardless of how much money they give away.

7. Having a spotless house if all I do is get crazy about keeping it spotless.

6. Collecting anything that someone else says is or may one day be worth a lot of money if you just hold on to them long enough and sell when the time is right.

5. Living in a part of the country that must participate in winter weather.

4. Being in style.

3. Driving a brand-new car, van, or SUV.

2. Keeping my laundry done and put away.

1. Starbucks. But it's sooo gooooooood.


  1. Excellent points Holly!! I needed to hear this today. I have REALLY been struggling lately....
    Miss you!

  2. If you had more of #1, the rest of the list would just fall into place!

  3. Jodona - I'm so glad! That's why I write ...

  4. Matt - I KNOW!! That's what I was thinking ...

  5. you crack me up! #7 is my BIGGEST downfall-ugh!