Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Baaaaaack!

Winter, that is. And I have one word for you. YUCK. No - I have three. I. Miss. Houston.

This is my backyard this morning:
This is what it looked like in my backyard at the end of November in Texas:

But life goes on, and we move with it. Embracing the winters that I grew up with continues to be a struggle - but a struggle that I shrug off because it means I am surrounded by my family again, which means a world more than sunny, warm Decembers and close proximity to the beach.

So when I walk out my door and see this:
I can smile because it means my mom and dad are only an hour away and my boys' cousins whom they adore along with the rest of my family will flood our house in three weeks for Christmas - which never, ever happened in Texas.
So thank you, God, for bringing us back home - and please continue helping us adjust a little more each year when the curtain drops on the nice weather. It is well worth it!

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  1. You know who is jealous in my family--the flurries we had a couple weeks ago were greeted with delight!

    However, I'm with you sister. I have been spoiled by over 25 winters in the Carolinas. Moving back would be tough, speaking strictly in meteorological terms.