Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't Judge, Lest You Be Judged.

Hello, Internet. I'm going to tell you something personal. Please don't pass it on. I trust that you won't since we are so close.

I. Don't. Like. Christmas. Decorating.

There. I love my house after it's decorated; I enjoy immensely other people's efforts to make the world a Christmas-y wonderland. But today I actually compared trying to make myself decorate for Christmas to having a research paper hanging over my head.

I wish I could just come home and find that someone has broken into my house and put up all of my Christmas stuff. Or how about this? Someone come to my house and put all of my Christmas stuff up while I make you a fantastic dinner to enjoy as payment. I know - not quite even. How about two dinners?

Please don't condemn me. There are just other things I like to do in my very little spare time.

Like write.


  1. You could try our decorating plan this season. Allow the teen and her friend to put the tree and lights up one day. Allow the 1st grader to put ornaments on the bottom third of the tree the next day. Have Daddy help the three little ones put on another box of ornaments a few days later...

    Can you imagine what our tree looks like right now?

  2. I will gladly help, let me know when

  3. Throw in a plane ticket and I am there!

    Learning new things about you all the time. Not sure why but I thought that would be something you would love.