Saturday, December 20, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is My F-A-M-I-L-Y.

I love the holidays - especially Christmas because that translates to my entire family getting to be together and spending great time having fun and being the dork nuts that God created us to be!

In my 37 years, I've never spent a Christmas without my family. Not one. During the years that we lived in Houston, it never even occurred to us that things might change or that we'd miss out on anything. We've never been too far away to get back home. Even a 19-hour, straight-through drive with all boys didn't dissuade us from the trip. One year, we were even crashed into by an 18-wheeler (that didn't even stop) on the freeway in Memphis at around 3am. That was a mess, but God had his hand on us the entire time - and we kept on truckin' to get back to family.

Turn around? It would take more than a half-crashed van to keep us from going home for Christmas!

In a few days, my house will be filled with the family my parents started when they were married in 1961: them, my brother and sister and our spouses, and 9 cousins ranging in age from 3 to nearly 18 who all love one another more than life. We sleep all over the house and no one cares, we play games, we eat, we laugh and laugh and laugh. We are not a family who bickers or fights or treats one another badly. This life is too precious and short for that kind of nonsense.

Most of the usual Christmas stresses pretty much roll right off my back because all I mostly care about is my children understanding the true meaning of Christmas and not losing sight of that, and getting to spend several days having fun with my family.

My hope for you is that you are surrounded by precious family during the next week, and that the celebration of Christ's birth isn't lost in all the hoopla that the holiday has turned into. Have a wonderful, awesome, fun-filled, relaxing, enjoyable Christmas!


  1. How fun! That is how our Christmas's are and I feel so blessed by that! Enjoy your time with your family and hug that sister of yours for me....while your at it, hug her whole crew:)
    Merry Christmas Friend!

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

    The pictures are great!


  3. You are right about the great time we all have together, I can't wait! It's so much fun I am driving all day by myself from North Carolina next Sunday to be there. That lucky son of mine gets to fly up on Christmas day.

    I know on the telephone the other day Seth wanted me and Daniel to be there that day when he got home from school. Tell him it's not much longer now.

    It won't be quite the same with my sweetie back in NC, but the Lord provided a new job, so even though no vacation time is tough, we are thankful for the provision of employment in this economy.

    See you all soon!

  4. The countdown has begun...can't wait to be together!

    Hugs to you Jen - can't you run over for a few moments while I am at Holly's? I would love to see you!