Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

Due to the ice that began coating our streets and freeways around 1pm this afternoon, we were unable to travel north to our scheduled family get-together this afternoon/evening. In lieu of this, we celebrated Festivus with the Zipps, of course!

Most of you probably recognize the Seinfeld reference, and for those who don't click here. The event consists of three components:

The Festivus Pole. We didn't have one of these, which is okay since we very much believe in and love the Christmas tree. But I'm sure if we'd really put our minds to it, we could have come up with something. We did have logs we were trying to turn into a roaring fire. Certainly that counts.

The Airing of Grievances. The Zipps revealed they had about had it with how long it took for us to take care of the fallen tree in our yard this summer . . . and we railed on them for the flippin' broken window (frame and all) they had leaning up against the side of their house for - what - two months? Anyway, airing was done and punches were nearly thrown. Then we ate guacamole.

The Feats of Strength. Although no actual feats of strength were displayed, there were two comedic and potentially injurious near misses that could be described as feats of survival. The evening began with my opening the freezer door only to have a large ceramic jar full of what seemed like years of the Zipps' receipts, old gift cards, and odd contents of Brian's emptied pockets fall nearly on my head, hitting my knee, and shattering on the floor. A bit later, Brian decided to venture over to our back yard for some firewood and busted his tail on our solid-sheet-of-ice driveway as wood went flying. We both could've been killed. Or at least seriously injured.

Let's not forget Sean and Brian with their matching shirts. They are that close.


  1. As they say down here in NC, "Them boys ain't right!"

  2. So great Holly!!!! Merry Christmas to you all~

  3. LOL

    Happy Festivus!

    (we love Seinfeld here)

    Love the picture of the guys in their matching tee's!

  4. Now that's what I call Man Love. Hey, we're in touch with our masculine sides....and a few Patron's didn't help either.