Monday, October 13, 2008

Small Town Hoopla!

Every year growing up in tiny Farmland, Indiana, Fire Prevention Day was a big deal for us kids. A parade, games to play, prizes to be won, fire truck rides around town.

In the years since I've grown up, things haven't changed much with Fire Prevention Day - except it's less exciting. Adulthood will do that to you.

The boys and I as well as my sister, two of my nephews and one niece all went to Nana and Papa's for the event on Saturday. Well, perhaps event isn't quite the right word. Nonetheless, we had fun because the kids had fun.
Waiting for the parade ...

Gus, Seth, Ana Lucia, Joel, Marco

Joel and me (aw, MOM!)

Fire truck rides!

I have no idea what they do with all the passengers if there's a fire somewhere in town ...

Small town living was fun growing up, I just didn't know it at the time. Click here to see a slide show of my hometown that I have on the blog I write for my church's web site.

Oh, and yes, Farmland is actually the name of the town.

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  1. I really enjoy Farmland! When we lived in Alexandria, we'd head over to 1 Fun Farm every fall for the pumpkin patch and corn maze.... lot's of fun for the kids! We only lived in Alex for 9 years, but enjoyed our corn maze trips!