Monday, October 20, 2008

And Just What Qualifies You For This Position?

A friend just sent me something via e-mail (Thanks, Jodona!) and one line stuck out to me: God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Wow.

That is something that I need to hear daily. So many of my friends have heard me complain, "I have no idea why God thought I could handle these boys with the issues - the autism and the mood disorder ..."

This was quite timely, as I just returned to my bedroom to escape the wrath of autism for a few minutes. Seth's routine was wildly upset this morning. We accidentally overslept, and I had to wake Seth up quickly and get him dressed to take Joel to school. It's not been pretty since.

When he gets upset about anything at all, he will get stuck on something that makes no sense and not let it go. On the way home from dropping Joel off, he began doing this. As we drove home among all of the corn fields, he became upset with me because, "We have no city." No amount of explaining something to him matters during these times, and I know that. Yet, sometimes, my mouth just goes ahead of me. I tried explaining that we live just outside of a city, but that just upset him more.

By the time we arrived back home, he was also mad because Alexx had already left for school, so he is a "big fat meanie" for doing that.

Time to separate myself for awhile. And here I am.

Thank you, Jodona (or God for speaking through Jodona), and reminding me that He will equip me as I need it to deal with this life I've been handed.

Time to go do that!

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  1. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

    I first came across this quote several years ago when I was considering taking on a project that I felt very unqualified for. I first felt convicted when reading the words - and then began to feel a bit of confidence.

    I did move forward with the project, and it brought some really cool life experiences. I can't say all were positive, but all were beneficial to my learning curve of certain aspects of life I don't always understand.

    I also rely on these words when I am preparing for another trip to Guatemala. Often times my mind presents the question "why is a simple-mother-of-five-from-suburbia-North America going to a developing nation where she doesn't speak the language fluently?" Then God, ever so gently, answers me - "because I have asked you to go". Oh yeah ;)

    Hang in there sister. My nephews are so blessed to have you and Sean as parents.