Friday, October 3, 2008

Again About the Sunset?

Each of us obviously has a different relationship with God. Some feel closest to Him in church, others during prayer; still others have told me they feel in His midst the most during crisis.

I always feel physically nearest to God when I am sitting and taking in the sunrise and sunset. We all know how much I love my sunrises and sunsets! I feel as if He has set aside two times every single day to have my undivided attention in order remind me that He is right here. Because honestly, sometimes it takes something that obvious knocking me over the head daily to again tell me that He's with me.

And how ingenious! Once in the morning to start our days saying, "Here I am! Remember - go throughout your day knowing I'm walking beside you," and then ending the day again reminding us, "Still here."

Last evening, Sean and I were cleaning up after dinner when first we noticed the sky turning pink and purple, and as the sun descended - the skyline was glowing orange. We stopped to go enjoy God's wonder on the porch swing.

The boys were all in the basement, so it was uncharacteristically quiet. It was rather chilly, so we snuggled close - in awe of the display.

We talked about how, no matter what's going on in the world - economy collapse, war, crime; or in our home - frightening medical diagnoses, unending parental frustration, money stress; God is the one constant - just like that amazing sunset. No matter how ugly the day has been, that sunset is blazing in the sky, a daily reminder that He is there and going nowhere.

Thank you, God! For not only being with us always, but thrusting yourself right down out of heaven each day to intervene in our lives.

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