Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hockey Mom In Person

Guess where I went today?

The Zipps and I (and Reagan) attended; and we even made t-shirts for the event:

With Brian in a wheelchair, healing from having his Achilles tendon operated on, I got to push him around - through grass, up hills, down hills, through gravel - I got a superb workout. Thanks, Brian! That'll really help with my weight-loss challenge!

There was a bit of a security scuffle beside us - we were hoping to see some action!

Governor Palin gave a rousing speech in her usual, down-to-earth style.

Reagan attended his first political rally!

In a funny twist - Palin was in West Chester, OH, this morning - in the suburb of Cincinnati that my sister lives in. She was all excited that Palin was going to be a few minutes from her house. But that excitement was nothing compared to what she felt when she was offered the job of driving one of the seven vans transporting Palin and her team to and from the event!

She had a fabulous time seeing how these things work from behind the scenes, as well as getting to meet many in Palin's team along with the super chick herself!

Click HERE to read my sister's blog. Hopefully she'll be uploading photos and telling us all about it soon!


  1. Sarah Palin was a short drive down the road from us here in NC yesterday, then West Chester, Muncie, and Noblesville today. I think she is stalking our family!

  2. I love the shirts! The daughter of a friend from work went on Friday, and she and her friend made tshirts that said "I'd rather have a VP that wears lipstick than one that is a dipstick!" How cute is that? Goes right along with the Obama sucks one! :)