Monday, March 23, 2009

A Heart Like No Other

What comes to mind when you think of what a 10-year-old would wish for, if given three free wishes? Video games? Toys? Movies? Going on some awesome trip?

When Joel, our almost-11-year-old son, told us his class had been given a writing assignment for St. Patrick's Day about what they'd do with three wishes, I imagined what his entailed: video games, a trip to Legoland in California, perhaps a bigger and more awesome room and that his pesky brothers would disappear. I wasn't quite prepared for what he wrote, yet I shouldn't have been surprised, given his nature:
If I got three wishes from a four-leaf clover, I would definitely be careful what I wish for. My first wish would be that my 18-year-old brother, Alexx, would be INVINCIBLE as he goes into the Marines in October. He has long red hair, is big (I always call him gorilla), he's the strongest person I know, and he plays drums. And did I mention he's the greatest artist alive? He's been thinking about the Marines for about a year. I think it will ease my worry about him going into the Recon.

My second wish is that my mom, Holly, is good at her new job as a writer for Mother's Digest or something like that. She only does a small portion, but she's been trying to get a writing job for awhile. She's a really good writer and it would help everyone, we'd get more money for food, bills, (toys a little) and safety.

My third wish is for my little 5-year-old brother, Seth. He has blond hair, likes to play Star Wars, and most importantly, he's autistic. My wish is that scientists can find a cure for autism. Autism is a brain disorder and it would really help my family if it was cured. It would also help him.
Of course, as I read this, my heart swelled and my eyes filled with tears. This is so Joel. He has a heart of gold and a mind that works well beyond his years - and always has.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what God does with him!

And by the way, I'm a writer and editor for Blissfully Domestic Publishing ( - close enough to "Mother's Digest" I suppose!


  1. No surprise, as I have often delighted in his tender heart.

    Makes you proud though, no doubt about that!

  2. Joel's tenderness and compassion never ceases to amaze me. He is a "favorite" to my 3 younger ones. He has loved them since the day they joined our family and is always great with them.

    I have watched Joel be so encouraging to Seth.

    I had the honor of hearing Joel's writing in person on Saturday morning. I sat in my chair and listened while trying not to break out into an ugly cry from being so moved by his words.

    That boy is amazing...words spoken by a proud aunt.