Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ten Things That Separate Me From The Crowd

Photo by be_khe

Or make me crazy weird, or make me hopelessly endearing - depending on your point of view.

Thursday is Ten Things list day, so here goes:

10. I have an unnatural love for pigs, and have since I was little.

9. I love putting pickles in my chili. Chopped up dill pickles. Not the hamburger slices that come in a jar, but whole pickles that I chop myself.

8. Eating in bed makes me insanely happy.

7. Hair totally skeeves me out. Unattached hair. And if it is wet? I am outta there.

6. I have a way with dogs and was always bringing home strays as a child. In the small town where I grew up, town officials would come and get me to help them catch strays that eluded them. The dogs would just come to me. I could totally have been The Dog Whisperer.

5. I have a life-threatening food allergy that doctors cannot pinpoint. So I carry an Epi-Pen and react when necessary. If you see me lying on a floor somewhere not breathing, I'm probably in anaphylactic shock. Perhaps call 911. If I appear to be breathing and not in any distress, I've probably just had a rough couple of days with my boys - just make sure no one steps on me.

4. I am nearly deaf in my right ear and can barely hear what's going on around me if there is a lot of background noise. So I'm not ignoring you, I just can't hear you. But I can read lips pretty well, so if I can see your face - it's all good. If you have met my boys, you know that being half deaf is not such a bad thing in our house, so I'm pretty sure God knew what he was doing there.

3. There is a method to nearly everything I do. Messing with the way I go about doing something is a bit like putting your hand in a shark tank to pet one. It may not be the brightest decision you've made all day. I'm just sayin'.

2. I have a recurring dream about all of my teeth being loose and falling out. So I am freaky weird about loose teeth. ANYone's loose teeth.

1. I will do almost anything for a grande, non-fat, two-pump mocha with light whip. Almost.


  1. Okay, most of these I knew. I guess being in the same family, and living in the same house with you for ten years gave me some insight. The dog thing? I have often referred to you as Dr. Doolittle.

    The recurring tooth dream one is new to me. "Separate me from the crowd" is a very kind expression. Girl, you are just crazy!

    By the way, I found some old pictures a couple days ago. Showing them to Mona and Daniel for laughs, they saw one when I was maybe 7, and both exclaimed, "That expression looks just like Seth!" So, maybe I gave more to my nephew than just the name Douglas.

  2. Reading through the list, my thioughts were..yep, oh yeah, for sure, you got that right. It's not separating you from the crowd, not making you wierd, just endearing you to all of us. But, I didn't know about the loose teeth thing. You crazy girl!