Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It Was All About Me

God snatched me away from my reality and put me somewhere else while something very bad was happening at home. He knew what he was doing; and because of that, I got to live five days that were all mine. Not mentally or emotionally (with all that was going on in my home without me), but physically. All. Me.

drank my weight in coffee (and found out where to get the greatest coffee drink I've ever had).

slept much less than I thought I would (didn't want to miss anything).

leaped from a still-moving vehicle to run after members of my favorite band walking down the street.

had a "Modern Family" marathon with my brother and sister which may have caused a hernia ("DON'T CALL ME A RAT! SHE KILLS RATS!").

tried to sweet-talk my way with a security guard at Raleigh/Durham airport back into a restricted area for the sake of Starbucks (didn't work).

ate some jalapeno hush puppy funnel cake. Wrap yer mind around that.

learned how to make homemade Kahlua. Homemade Kahlua!.

got pulled aside and searched by airport security because of a jar of baby food.

carried on a conversation with an old man on a plane about Butler U. basketball. Those of you know me know how ridiculous of a concept this is. He was half deaf and so am I, so it worked out fine.

sat back and let my brother and sister take care of me. Because life would still be here, waiting on me, when I returned home.


  1. You know we loved having you here! Did you leave the shampoo, etc. in the shower so you could come back and get it?

    As for the coffee . . . I will be back at the Dripolator Saturday. Wish you could enjoy a Cubano with me. If I'm not careful I can envision my hands shaking like Manny's ("This is my fifth one of these today, I may have a problem.").

    See my vintage picture blogs:

  3. you know, i stumbled on you by accident a while ago and i haven't been a regular commenter because i don't have a lot to say but when i do comment what i have to say is along the lines of go ahead and whine sometimes. you get to.it's part of life, you know?

    anyway, life got hard for me a little while ago and God snatched me up outta my regular life and laded me on a locked ward for a little while so i'm feeling a little out of touch. but it's Christmas and i thought i'd like to share with you for a little while a track or two from my Christmas album that i put up for a little while every year for free; i typically leave it up from christmas to january 6 and you can listen or not if you like.

    it's kind of my gift to random strangers. i'm like that. yes, those are my arrangements, and that is my artwork. i hope you like it.

    no, i'm not selling anything.

    merry Christmas.


  4. Tou have a really nice blog! Hope you don't mind if I start following you ... :)