Friday, February 26, 2010

I'll Take Mental Stir-Fry for $1,000, Please, Alex.

Well hello, blogosphere! Where have you been? Oh. You've been here all along? Hmm.

It has been four weeks and one day since my surgery, and HOLY CREAMSICLES, if I haven't had a few problems. Shocking, I know, for someone in this family to experience complications. With life.

First of all, part of the incisions in my left breast have separated (wound separation), which is wreaking havoc on my sense of CLOSURE where this surgery is concerned. Okay, bad pun. So I'm nursing one side to get it to heal. This is all a very short and sweet version of what Mrs. Zipps, my BFF, would certainly title, "The Weeks That I Have Had To Yell At Holly About Having Patience Regarding Surgery Recovery; Volumes 1-42."

Second of all, the medication I was given for the nerve damage in my arm from the surgery turned me into about 14 versions of crazy. Two and a half weeks of it from start to finish, which was two days ago. So just yesterday and really more today am I starting to realize that it was, in fact, the med that was making me want to hang glide into the side of a mountain and not some twisted new reality I'd stepped backwards into.

Seriously, I fled my family to stay at a hotel because my life was closing in on me. I ate seven orange scones from Panera Bread in that hotel room. In one evening. That alone should tell you how desperate I was feeling.

Now granted, I do have an overwhelming existence at times with the issues my boys have going on. With one with autism, one with a mood disorder and one with severe ADD, I am more a circus ringmaster at times than a mom; but this was frightening - even for my life. 

Turns out, the med I was on was capable of producing "unusual/sudden changes in mood, thoughts, or behavior including signs of depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, and thoughts about harming yourself." Really, I just wanted to harm everyone else, but I digress.

So the last few weeks have been a complete blast. Not to mention the fact that I am in the middle of being offered an extremely unique opportunity career/life-wise. So throwing a life-changing decision into the mix has just pushed it all right off the charts.

I believe my mind and mental state are returning to normal (normal for me), though you would have to confirm that with my husband and the Zipps, whom I spend the majority of my waking time with. So here's to making rational life decisions, quick and efficient wound healing, and the love and happiness of all mankind.

Just thought I'd throw that last one in for good measure.


  1. You should have called. I would have eaten orange scones with you and we've could have prioritized a list of who to hurt first:) Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to some time to catch up!

  2. I only dragged a couple of people into my psychotic episode, and boy were they excited to be there.

    You really don't know who actually loves you until they either 1.)start picking out head doctors for you, or 2.)put you up in a hotel room for the safety of *everyone* else.